Welcome to probizventures.com

A Little About Me

Hi, my name is Dan, and at this time I am still employed full time in the “real world”. For many years now, I have wanted to learn how to build an online presence and turn it into a passive income source. This website is one of my first steps in turning that ambition into reality….at least that’s the plan!

My Vision for This Site

First and foremost , this will be the home for my blog….. where I will share with you some of the trials and tribulations that I face as I try to move down the road toward my goals.

I will also use the site to share any affiliate marketing opportunities that I am pursuing , as well as any marketing tools or ideas that I find helpful along the way.

I welcome any feedback or ideas that you wish to share , whether it pertains to my posts , business or marketing ideas , or anything else you may want to share.

Thanks For Stopping By!

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